Symmetric vs Asymmetric Tyres

Symmetric vs Asymmetric Tyres

What Should We Know About Them

Symmetric one is characterized with that both parts of the tyre have an identical tread pattern (called “symmetric”). Analogue of a tread pattern made of grooves and blocks is displayed on either side of the tyre. Quite predictably, tyres with an opposing tread pattern are called “asymmetric”.


  • symmetrical tyres – they are easily rotated and changed due to the same halves of the tread pattern. Little noise is caused by symmetrical tyres. Moreover, they facilitate for the reducing of fuel consumption. Moreover, the lifespan of the tyres is prolonged as well. In general, they are produced for the common and wide-spread vehicles. As a whole, symmetrical tyres display excellent value for their price;
  • asymmetrical tyres – they have different tread patterns as each one has a different function. The inner part deals with water dislocation and additional safety. The outer part provides stability while making a quick right or left turns. Asymmetrical tyres are appropriate for sports cars and high-performance vehicles. You should be quite aware when you change your asymmetric tyres as they have to be placed properly – the “outside” part should be on the right place obligatory.


  • symmetrical tyres – they are produced for everyday usage and as a consequence, they are not the best choice for slippy and wet roads. Symmetrical tyres are not intended for sports racing, fast cars and etc;
  • asymmetrical tyres – their main cons is the short lifespan as well as the non-affordable prices at which they are offered. Unfortunately, asymmetric tyres could be purchased for wheels with 17 inches or more. These are some of their hidden flipping features.

When Merging Directional and Asymmetric Tyres

Mixing them is essential for high performance. Such kind of hybrid tyres is specially designed with a V-shape tread pattern to dislocate the water and to endure at high speeds. The mixing tyres could be rotated from left to right in order to secure additional balance but only when they are mounted.

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