What Are Performance Tyres

What Are Performance Tyres

What Does It Mean

Performance tyres are intended for the hardcore fans of fancy sports cars. They are designed to facilitate handling your car in dry as well in humid weather. Performance tyres display elaborate tread patterns in order to secure high speed, excellent traction and better overall performance of the car.

Are They Suitable for Snow

Definitely no. Performance tyres are not designed for usage in snowy and icy winters. They are related more to the summer tyres rather than winter. So, please do not dare think of using performance tyres if you live in Iceland for example. Unfortunately, they offer awkward traction control in winter conditions. Performance tyres are meant for high-speed sports cars and should be used in suitable weather conditions in order to live the experience with them. Act reasonably and do not use them while driving for a mountain journey in January. Otherwise, you should call a specialized truck to pick you up.

Brands Reviews

  • Michelin – a French company with a solid reputation in the market, uses special rubber in order to reduce fuel consumption. Michelin offers a wide range of tyres;
  • Goodyear – an American company, biggest producer of tyres currently. Goodyear is best known for its sponsorship in NASCAR races. It offers tyres for professional and ordinary drivers;
  • Continental – a trust-worthy tyres company which was founded in Germany in 1871. It offers a wide range of tyres for car, motorcycles, bikes;
  • BF Goodrich – another American brand with a rich history. A reliable choice for all drivers;
  • Bridgestone – it is best known for implementing radial tyre construction. The roots of the company date back in 1900 in America. Actually, the current Bridgestone company is a result of merging Firestone and Bridgestone.
  • We should add some important players on the market as well – Cooper, Falken, Pirelli, Toyo, Yokohama.

Performance Tyres vs All-season Tyres

The appropriate type of tyre could play a significant role in the performance of your car. The current market for car tyres offers a great abundance of brands and types. For instance, if you live in Italy and drive a family mini-bus, then the all-season tyres will do a perfect job for you. In case you are a keen fan of sports cars and wants to enhance the performance of your own sacred vehicle, then it would be a good idea to equip with performance tyres.
What you get with all-season tyres is an ordinary road performance, not bad traction and flexibility for all-weather conditions. Moreover, all-season tyres are available in markets on affordable prices.

If you have a fuel instead of blood in your veins, and if your favourite PC games are those with car races, then you definitely performance tyres. Compared to all-season tyres, performance tyres are a kind of summer tyres, so they will perform worse in winter conditions and will cost more.

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