What Type of Tyre Do You Need for Your Car

What Type of Tyre Do You Need for Your Car

How Do You Classify Tyres

In general, there are three kinds of tyres:

  • winter tyres – they are manufactured especially for snowy and icy roads. The construction of the tyres is characterized by deep grooves and spikes and are easy to be distinguished compared to summer tyres. In Sweden or Norway, the usage of winter tyres is mandatory. In the UK they are not wide-spread due to the mild winter;
  • summer tyres – suitable for the climate in the UK. They perform very well on wet as well as on dry roads. Summer tyres are designed for all seasons when the temperatures are above 0. The construction of the summer tyres is different. Whenever it is a rainy, sunny, windy, summer tyres are the perfect decision for you;
  • all-season tyres – the name itself reflects that these types of tyres are suitable for all seasons. Perhaps, they will not be the top choice for the dry summer months and the snowy January in Norway but they will do the job anyway. For sure, all-season tyres are the better choice for the winter compared to the summer tyres.

What Main Indicators We Need to Know

If you have never gone to tyres shopping, you may get shocked when you find that there are “symmetric” as well as “asymmetric” types of tyres. These definitions are used in reference to the tyres’ tread. Find out what distinguishes one from another below:

  • symmetric tyres – those are tyres with symmetrical inner and outer parts of the tyre. The identical pattern of blocks and grooves succeeds each other;
  • asymmetrical tyres – those type of tyres are just the opposite of the symmetric ones. There is the presence of different patterns of blocks and grooves.

How to Find Your Tyre Size

In order to find the appropriate tyre size, you should get familiar with such explained names as “width”, “height”, “diameter”, “load rating” and “speed rating”. The size of your tyre is written on the sidewall of your car tyre. Do not get embarrassed when you see an elaborate code that initially will probably mean to you nothing. That code should be something similar to – 195 / 65 / R17 / 90 / V. Here are all features explained – “195” deals with the width of your tyres, “65” – the height of the tyre sidewall, “R17” – diameter of the rim in inches, “90” – the loading rate of your tyre and “V” as you may know from your physics classes deals with the speed rating.

Which Type of Tyre is the Best

There is no single type of tyre that could be described as the best. It depends on quite a lot of criteria to find which one is the best for you. You can drive a bike, a car, a lorry or a mini-bus. So, you will need a particular type of tyres for any of these vehicles. Moreover, you may live in Cuba, Italy, Finland or the UK. Again you should pay attention to the weather in your country of residence and accordingly to purchase the best type of tyre for you.

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